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Ever wondered if you have ADHD or autism?

Find out if your ADHD or autism symptoms will qualify for a diagnosis from an experienced psychologist. Don’t invest time and money in costly diagnostic assessment without confidence, get a professional opinion through our fast, professional and personalised Neurodiversity Screening service.

Neurodiversity Screening is brought to you by the experienced psychologists at Scope Psychology Services Australia.

It’s super easy!

Accessing neurodiversity screening from a tablet

1. Book online below

Accessing neurodiversity screening from a laptop

2. Complete the questionnaires

Receiving your neurodiversity screening letter

3. Receive your letter

Book online (click any time!)

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    How much does it cost?

    At only $80, our Neurodiversity Screening is cheap as chips.

    If you decide to continue with a full diagnostic assessment or therapy with Scope Psychology Services Australia after the screening service, we’ll waive our new client fee.

    It’s a small investment, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars for a comprehensive assessment that you’re unsure if you really need.

    Professional Advice

    This is a psychologist-endorsed first step on your personal journey.

    Save Money

    A small investment to make, so you don’t end up wasting money in the long run.

    Save Time

    No need to attend an appointment; complete the questionnaires in your own time and at your own pace.

    What comes after?

    Your ND screening letter will include personalised recommendations for next steps. This may include a full neurocognitive assessment, accessing your GP for a referral to a psychiatrist or paediatrician for medical assessment, or accessing another allied health or medical professional.

    Our psychologist, Danielle Copplin in the Scope Psychology Services Australia clinic

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      How is ND screening different from taking a free test online?
      The difference is that free tests give a score without clinical interpretation. By having a psychologist consider a variety of questionnaires and other specific contextual information together, the diagnostic predictions are more accurate. A free test does not consider alternative explanations for symptoms, but a psychologist does.

      Neurodiversity Screening

      If you are experiencing symptoms of ADHD or autism, and you require a professional opinion on whether to move forward with psychological assessment, contact our friendly client support team about our Neurodiversity Screening today.